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Nurturing a Positive Connection with Nature

Welcome to Gaïa Animalia, your haven for heartwarming tales, enlightening discoveries, and a celebration of the marvels that inhabit our planet. At Gaia Animalia, we believe in fostering a positive connection with nature by sharing uplifting news, fascinating curiosities about animals, and insights into environmental endeavors.

Gaïa Animalia Mission

Gaïa Animalia Magazine is driven by a mission to contribute positively to the world. We understand the profound impact that stories about animals, nature, and the environment can have on our collective well-being.

Our mission is to inspire, inform, and bring joy through a curated collection of content that highlights the beauty of our planet and its diverse inhabitants.

What We Offer:

Nurturing Positivity in Every Story

“Those who plant dates don’t harvest dates”

Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

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Gaia Animalia is more than a magazine; it’s a community of nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, and individuals passionate about creating a positive impact. Together, we embark on a journey to appreciate the beauty of our planet and to contribute to its well-being.

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“I grew up in contact with nature, and it breaks my heart to watch species going extinct and the planet getting hurt by deforestation, pollution and climate change. Contributing makes me feel like I’m being useful to the planet”.

– Pollyana Bernardes, Author

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Molière

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